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The Things I Should Have Said

I watched you play your guitar for those people in the square, I sipped my coffee as you strummed away, the bustling plaza echoing your one of a kind voice, making each pitch uniquely, beautifully yours. I caught on to the lyrics of that song I’ve heard you sing a million times and harmonized with you, our voices intertwined, creating something new, something… complete. You played and sang and I sang and thought, thought about the lovely guitar player I knew so long ago. She’d play for me and anyone else nearby, we’d lock eyes and her lovely voice would flow into the hearts of everyone near. Her warm, grey-hazel eyes melted my stone heart and said, “It’s alright, I love you.” But I never had the courage to see past the other people “in the way”, I was too afraid that you might simply say no, that our friendship might fail because of a simple, yet immense question. Heck for all I knew you were locking eyes with that invisible person behind me that day. So I shut my thoughts, swallowed my hope, and held back my tongue from saying all the things that could have led to us, the future we’d both secretly hoped for, the times together that only existed in our dreams. So as you packed up your guitar I finished my coffee, as you looked down at the empty spaces between your fingers I felt the sting of that one still empty spot in my heart, and I couldn’t stop thinking, thinking about the things I could have, should have, said…